Saturday, 1 August 2009

What with the weather and being busy at work, I haven't had much time in the garden recently. I have been eating French beans, courgettes, cucumbers. Thanks to Anne for the wonderful cucumber plants, I have eaten 3 large cues, and they taste just wonderful. I have a few other plants that are producing some smaller cues, and these are in my small pop up frame by the back door. They seem to like it in there with the shelter and sun (when we get any!). My peppers that Anne gave me have now turned red, they look so cheerful underplanted with my marigolds.

Some toms have started to ripen, the Totem ones I bought in a garden centre. Some of my tumbling toms looked a bit raggly so I had to take them out. Next year I plan to just grow them in the veg patch, rather than in pots.They dry out to much.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you get up to. Amanda x


sky said...

Wow, your peppers look amazing! Mine are still really small, and only just beginning to flower... :/

eight by six said...

I was lucky as my friend Anne gave me some plants, and they were well advanced when I got them. I ate one of the peppers last night, and they taste wonderful!