Tuesday, 11 August 2009

I'm back and fully refreshed!

We got back from our camping trip in Dorset this afternoon. I have fallen in love with Dorset, and can't wait to go back! We only stayed for 5 days (4 nights) but it was so relaxing. I even read a book, well almost finished it in the garden this afternoon. As luck would have it, we brought the sunshine back to Kent. Not sure just how long it will last, but it was good to get all the washing done and out of the way! Here is a photo off all three of us waiting for our mackeral fishing trip in Weymouth harbour! I caught loads, we had 8.5Lbs when we got off the boat. Jack & Ian caught some too (he he). It was brilliant! I would recommend it to everyone. Line caught to BBQ in under 2 hrs, now that's the way to eat fish. Ian taught Jack how to gut a fish, and we sat outside the tent eating them with bread and salad. Yummy

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