Sunday, 5 July 2009

A busy afternoon in the garden today. I had some spaces in my veg patch so I sowed some dwarf beans, beetroot and dwarf peas and had a tidy up. I forgot I had a packet of dwarf peas and it wasn't too late to sow them. They were the 19p ones from Netto, bargain! That way I get a late harvest long after the current peas have finished. I planted up my last remaining celeriac. I think I have 15 in the garden now (thanks Anne)

The French beans are flowering like mad so hopefully we should be eating them quite soon. Ihave been giving them some tomato plant food once a week! I harvested more peas yesterday and a bag of new potatoes, they were lovely. Oh and some courgettes. It's funny you wait ages for them to grow then all of a sudden you are picking them every day. I did buy one yellow variety this year and they are so sweet. The ones in large pots are doing really well. So next year I will just put them in pots and save some room in the veg patch.

Here is a picture of the last of my beetroot (until the next two sowings grow).

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