Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday 7th June 2009 - first carrots

It's raining today so I popped into the garden in my pjs to dig up some fresh carrots to go with dinner! I sowed them on the 21st Feb and had thinned them out a couple of weeks ago. A couple have forked but I'm not looking for perfection just tasty fresh food for the kitchen.

It's Iwade farmers market today so I'm going to pop round before 10am to get some lovely cakes and to catchup with a few people.

No gardening today unless the rain stops.


NiteKnight said...

Wow! They look amazing! I'm too scared to dig mine up yet. I think they might be sown too close together, so won't be any more than 5p sized roots... not sure whether to thin now or just leave them and cross fingers. :)

eight by six said...

I thinned mine out a few weeks ago so some where big and some much smaller. They tasted wonderful though. My two fought over them! Well worth the effort I think. Let me know how you get on.