Friday, 26 June 2009

I have managed to eat one courgette this week and lots more look promising for the next few day. This was from the plant my sister gave me as mine are still growing. I've been watering them like mad to get them going and it seems to be working!

But sadly I think one bag of spuds has blight. I noticed a few leaves tonight had brown spots so I ran inside to check this out. I removed the leaves and hopefully the spores haven't reached the tubers. Damn, this was my best bag and just about to flower. Lets hope I got it wrong and they will survive, somehow I think not.

Last night we had some baby carrots with dinner and fresh spinach. It bolted so I pulled the lot up and we managed to have enough for dinner, just! So I need to sow some more but it might get too hot and it will bolt again. Just have to take the chance I guess.

Have a good weekend. Amanda x

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