Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Well my climbing French beans have decided to make an appearance, finally. Well it's not been that long really but this year I am not so patient and think things are taking longer to germinate. I then look at the date on the label and think oh it's only been a few days.

I potted up my tomato plants last week and they are growing really well now. I'll be pleased when they are planted outside and given to gardening friends so I can get into my dining room without tripping over all the pots. Thinking of this I have decided to buy a lean-to greenhouse this month. It's my birthday at the end of May so Ian said he will give me some money towards it. I've found the one I want so just need to save some more pennies before I order it!

Anyway I've not been up to much as have some sort of cold/flu virus this week and it's knocked all my energy. It's not like me to sleep much and today I slept all day and I'm still tired! So hopefully by the weekend my energy levels will be restored and I can get on with some stuff in the garden.

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