Saturday, 4 April 2009

A very productive day

I had a very productive day in the garden today. Making the most of the warm weather in my south facing garden I planted up most of my seeds!

These included:

Courgette: Patriot F1 (5) (Mr Fothergills)
Onion sets: Red Baron 30 (given to me by my sister)
Tomatoes: Gartenperle (5) and Tumbling Tom Red (20) (extra for Gardening Club)
Chilli: 5
Chard Bright Lights (planted in modules to give to friends)
Marigold dwarf double mixed (left over from last year) planted in modules to give extra to Gardening Club.

I still have to do the Patty Pan from last year and will give plants to Paula & Nicola. The plan is to grow one plant up my new obelisk that Ian & Jack bought me for mothers day. I also re-potted the 4 pepper plants given to me by Anne. They are doing really well and are now quite big! I hope I planted them correctly. I used some spare lollipop plant labels!

No gardening tomorrow as off to London sight seeing and a river cruise up the Thames.

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