Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Eight by Six has had an extension!

It's in! After an afternoon of digging and using half the composter it's finished. Well almost. I have to back fill and make it look a bit tidier but the new bed I've been waiting for is now in place. A big thank you goes to Ian for taking me to the wood yard this morning to collect the wood and for building it. Now just what to grow in it?! I thought about making it a home for the allium family or for beans.

I told Ian I would like to split the existing veg patch to make a path to the new one. He wasn't too impressed but I'll work on him! I just wish I could dig up more of the garden but then that would probably be over the top. I have tomorrow off to finish it and will do some more on Saturday if the weather is ok. At least I have worked off the Easter eggs today. I will pay for it tomorrow morning that's for sure.

Homebase has an offer of 3 for 2 on all thier seed. You can never have enough seeds! Amanda x

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