Saturday, 14 March 2009

I think Spring could be here

I visited the church this morning as I will be making a flower arrangement for the PC for the Bianual Flower Festival at the end of June. I have chosen The Sower and have lots of ideas jotted down on a pad. I plan to use the lovely garden trug my sister bought me for Christmas as its perfect. I wont give too much away now but I will grow my own flowers and veg for my display so it can all be used/recycled later. I'll post pictures at the end of June when its completed!

On the way back I popped into see Anne for a cuppa. We exchanged home made chilli jam (wicked and hot) for my tomatoe chutney. We chatted and Anne kindly gave me four pepper plants that she had grown. Anne - they made it home ok and I have put them in the dining room in front of the door to get the sun all day! I've just found the Celeriac seeds in my journal!

I checked my seeds sown on the 21 Feb and the following have emerged (yipee) Radish Scarlet Globe, Carrots and the Shallots have some green shoots. I am now going to pop back out there to sow some more Radish as I plan to keep them going as I may need them for my display at the end of June. I have posted a picture of my new bug bought from Pastimes. As you can see my spinach is still doing really well despite all the snow we had. Must eat some more before the insects do!

Enjoy your gardens today and make the most of the sunshine!


BarleyAnn said...
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BarleyAnn said...

Hi Amanda, deleted the other comment by mistake, when I was looking if i could add to it, never mind. Anyway, your chutney is lovely, you must let me have the recipe.
Glad the peppers didn't get travel sick :).
I think we'll use the celeriac seeds next year, we now have a grand total of 132 seedlings, Takae did a wonderful job pricking a load out for me.

eight by six said...

The recipe is on my blogg and I use it as a base and add different things each time. I'll forward it to you. The pepper plants are coming on really well and I've potted them up like you said and I check them every day!