Sunday, 8 March 2009

I checked my recently sown seeds this morning and the raddishes have decided to make an appearance. It was so windy last night that my plastic cloche decided to end up half way down the garden so I will have to peg it back a bit better this time. Today I plan to cut back some of the perpetial spinach and do a little digging over. Hopefully some of my compost will be ready and I can dig some of that in.

I also need to measure the area to work out how much wood I need for the new raised bed at the back of my small veggie patch. Ian has offered to do this in March for me. It will be good to get this done so that I can get it started off before the main growing season kicks in.

My late sown leeks are still ok, although smaller than I had hoped. I may take one out today to add to my casserole! The red robin bushes at the back of the garden look great with all their cheerful red tips. I also noticed that the alliums I planted last year are showing through the gravel. They seem to do really well in that area, I guess because the have a nice layer of gravel to keep them warm. Hopefully they should look spectacular in May/June. And I must buy some more this year as they attract the bees to the veggie plot.

Yesterday I helped my friend Paula in her garden for a while. It was nice to have a chat and look out how things are doing in her garden. We also pulled her portable greenhouse into place so that she can get sowing all her seeds. I gave her a packet of leeks as last year I bought her a pack of seedlings and she has just eaten the last ones out of her patch.

Enjoy your garden and the sunshine today.

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