Sunday, 15 February 2009


I've been looking at growing potatoes this year in sacks in the garden but not sure if they are very good. To start me off I bought some Pink Fir Apple potatoes today, bargain in Wilkinsons only £1 for 5 but there were six in my bag! I will go back and get another potatoe variety next week. The Pink Fir Apple are now sitting in an empty egg box I saved for chitting. Maybe if anyone has any advice on growing potatoes in sacks/pots you could let me know. Last year I grew them in the veg plot but they took up too much space. A friend said you can grow them in grow bags but turned up the other way.

I also picked up some Red Sun shallots 50 for £1.25 which I thought was a good price. My shallots from last year were so much nicer than the ones you buy in the shops so I plan to grow more this year, maybe two varieties.

I still need to order the wood to extend the patch but will wait for better weather and I am also on the hunt for a long trough to put on the shingle as I thought it would look good filled up with carrots and onions or maybe dwarf runners and that reminds me I need to order the seeds!

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