Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sunday Morning

I just had to get on and start something for the garden so decided to do a few pots of herbs today. I visited my favourite garden centre this morning and bought two little pots to get going as I had all the seeds. I bought some cute lollystick type seedling labels made by Burgon & Ball, I hated using the plastic ones last year! If I don't write the dates on them then I can re-use them.

I bought some more wild bird seed yesterday and hung up a new fatball feeder. I was amazed this morning as there were so many birds having their breakfast. It's so cold so I thought I would do my bit to help nature. They also enjoyed my homemade (stale) bread. Ian said I had enough bread in the garden to feed all the birds in Iwade! But the time we got back from the garden centre it was almost gone.

Back to work for me in the morning after almost two weeks break. Not looking forward to having to get up early and snow is forecast for the week ahead.

Bye for now.

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