Saturday, 25 October 2008

Saturday morning October harvest

I was putting out the washing this morning in the autumn sunshine and thought I would check my late sown carrots. To my amazement I had managed to grow a healthy bunch ready for tonights dinner. I wasn't going to try to grow any in my first year but I'm so glad I changed my mind! The ones I grew were Suttons F1 Maestro £2.75 a pack. I have left some more in the ground for next week. Next year I will grow lots more.

The Tristan T&M courgettes are still producing fruit, not as many but I never thought they would last into October. I managed to make a batch of spicy courgette chutney in August so that will be good for Christmas with cheese & biscuits. Everyone that has eaten my apple and tomatoe jam has said it was really nice. My dad ate the whole jar so I gave him another jar today from last weeks batch.

The celeriac that Anne gave to me as seedlings have given me four little plants. I thought they would be bigger but as its the first attempt I don't think they have done too bad. I think I should have watered them a bit more!

Jobs to do for October : collect leaves and bag up to make home made leaf mulch. It takes about a year but its worth it. I hid six bags at the back of our pond last year and have already used them to work into the vegetable patch. The worms will take it down into the soil ready for the spring.

Enjoy your garden today.

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