Monday, 1 September 2008

Well its been a while since I wrote something, due to being on holiday (at home) and finding lots of other things to fill my time, gardening being one of them.

I went along to the Sheerness Flower and Vegetable show on Sunday, and now I wish I had submitted something! I've been making jam and chutney for the last month and my cherry toms may have even stood a chance! So I've asked Dave if I can enter next year. He said they need new blood so I may just put Iwade veg to the test next August. And its only about £1.40 for the annual membership, so no excuse really.

He also mentioned a gardening talk being held this Thursday 4th Sept at 7:30pm Tunstall Village Hall. Andy Garland from BBC Radio Kent will be there to give the talk. Anyway its only £1.25 to go along and this includes a cup of tea! I'll be going and I hope to meet lots of other keen gardeners. Maybe I will see you there!

My runner beans seem to be doing a bit better now, lots of new flowers on both varieties. French beans are still going mad, I have to pick them almost daily. Not that I am complaining as I may end up freezing some.

I've also been eating my cherry toms by the handful the last week. They are really good and actually taste of tomatoes (not like the shop ones!) My next-door neighbours little boy Brandon sat on his driveway at the weekend eating a bag I gave him. I've talked him into growing some for his garden next year. Better start them off young!

Happy gardening. Amanda

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