Sunday, 8 June 2008

A busy day pottering about

I spent quite a few hours pottering about in the garden today and made the most of the warm weather. Managed to go to my favourite garden centre Millbrooks this morning and only bought a new pair of gardening gloves. We have been going to the restaurant the last couple of months and now the weather is warmer you can sit outside.

The courgettes have gone crazy and are so big, its hard to believe that I only planted them a few weeks ago! There are fruits showing, so I should be eating quite a few. As I ordered some new patty pan seeds a bit late from Suttons, I only planted a couple of plants today. They look so small compared to the courgettes but the promise of the little white fruits is something to look forward to. I guess they will catch-up soon. The summer squash also has some fruit. Me being new to this, its all quite exiting. All the rain we've had made everything grow so well. Now I have started to feed everything.

The Iwade gardening club met last Thursday in the Woolpack pub. It was nice to see everyone and have a chat. Thank you Anne for the four celeriac plants. I planted them out today and watered them in well. I'll keep you updated on the progress. I have to admit that I have never eaten them before, but I am looking forward to eating these.

My tumbling toms are also doing well. One that I planted in a wall planter near the kitchen door is so big compared to the other plants. I thought it would be a good idea to have some close to the back door, so fresh for the salads.

Chelsea Flower Show was really good on the 23rd May and we were lucky again with the weather. I was tired the day after and rested my feet! Ian managed to find a piece of wood for his new aquarium in the kitchen wall. It was heavy and he had to carry it back on the tube. We did get some funny looks. Most people go back with gardening equipment!

Anyway have to close now and get ready for another week in the office :-(
Lets hope the weather continues to shine.

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