Monday, 28 April 2008

How it all began

As you can tell by the name, my little raised vegetable garden is only 8 x 6 foot. It was created on Saturday 26th April 2008 by my talented husband Ian!

It all started last year when a group of friends decided to find some space in Iwade for allotments. We have not been that successful to date, but we keep plodding on with the help of developers and local councillors.

So to get me started I decided to dig up my recently completed garden, to make way for something edible! My friends and family thought I was crazy to dig up what I had just finished, but when a woman knows what she wants you don't disagree. From January onwards I started to lift-up all the plants and give them to friends. There is no going back once it’s gone, it’s gone. I have to admit that some doubts crept in recently when I looked back at the area before I dug it up, but the finished results have made me realise my idea was the right one! I now have the bug and eat and sleep vegetables!

I hope you will follow my progress in my first year growing vegetables on my small plot in my back garden in Iwade (in The Garden of England)Any advice, even small, will be greatly appreciated!

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