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Easy eyelet yoke

I’ve recently started my first top down jumper and I don’t know why I didn’t start one sooner! 

Trying on my easy eyelet yoke sweater in June! It’s so chilly I was quite happy to try it on. With just 4 inches of the body to knit before the border and then the sleeves. I’ve knitted in hand dye Aran yarn from Fiona Sew Happy Creative it’s beautiful to knit with and I’m mixing up some skeins I had in my stash including Bee Happy. I’ll use this for the sleeves blending into a similar colour for the end of the sleeves. Really happy with the fit. I chose the Xl size with 5.5mm KnitPro Cubics tips. I think it will need 600g in total (roughly size 14) pattern by Knitatude if you’ve always wanted to try top down knitting I recommend you try this pattern 


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Denim Daisy Granny Square construction

And here it is all finished last Friday, just in time for a heat wave! Seriously I do love this jumper and it fits so well with a white t shirt underneath, jeans and flip flops. Just waiting for the cold spell so that I can wear it out (rather than around the garden when its cooled down in the evenings!). I haven't written a pattern as such just some helpful notes from my pad. If people want to know how to construct one have added some notes below. As you know the Daisy Granny Square is the design of Sue Pinner from her book  Granny Squares published 2013. I do love Sue's book, its packed with so many projects and ideas and the photos are beautiful. The daisy granny square pattern is quite addictive and you soon have a small pile of them in no time! I have an idea to make another one for the autumn in the same Debbie Bliss Rialto DK yarn but all edged in shade 90 honey, I have enough in my stash. Construction  Notes:  You need to make 18 granny squa

My granny tee is finished

You might remember this post from about ten days ago, well I've now finished my 4th granny tee and I'm currently finishing off my fifth one this week that I stared last year (oops). Indigo Blue came about when I took delivery of my Scheepjes Skies mini skien box (heavy/aran) and I'm in love with this yarn! I was sitting watching a film when I had the sudden urge to crochet another Granny Tee by Sarah (aka annaboos house) The mini skeins are perfect and I ended up using two boxes plus a larger 100g skein for the sleeves and joining. It has amazing drape and the colours are a subtle shift of indigo that is going to look fabulous over a white t shirt with jeans and flip flops. Perfect partnership and so bang on trend for the tie dye look that's about for festivals for this summer.  The total cost was around GBP35 not including delivery and I think for a custom made jumper that's not a bad price. I measured it as I added rows then I added side slits to my g

cables without the cables (Birch Trees scarf)

Earlier this year I came across this lovely Birch Trees Scarf knitting pattern over at Hand Knitted Things . Its one of those patterns that you just have to try because its so pretty and very practical and looks far more intricate and complicated than the 4 row pattern suggests. I like to call it cables without the cables, such a clever pattern thank you Julia Marsh.  I'm knitting mine on vintage no. 7 needles (kindly given to me by my mother-in-law) and using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino charcoal out of my yarn stash that was meant to be for Ian's scarf! shh don't tell him! I use DB yarn all the time, picking up bargains in John Lewis and eBay but its the first time I've knitted with Cashmerino, and it isn't going to be the last. It gives you great stitch definition and the softest yarn ever, I love it. So here is my scarf in progress. It has been sitting in my car waiting to be loved again after I accidentally knitted the moss stitch border wrong. I know ho