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cables without the cables (Birch Trees scarf)

Earlier this year I came across this lovely Birch Trees Scarf knitting pattern over at Hand Knitted Things. Its one of those patterns that you just have to try because its so pretty and very practical and looks far more intricate and complicated than the 4 row pattern suggests. I like to call it cables without the cables, such a clever pattern thank you Julia Marsh.

 I'm knitting mine on vintage no. 7 needles (kindly given to me by my mother-in-law) and using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino charcoal out of my yarn stash that was meant to be for Ian's scarf! shh don't tell him! I use DB yarn all the time, picking up bargains in John Lewis and eBay but its the first time I've knitted with Cashmerino, and it isn't going to be the last. It gives you great stitch definition and the softest yarn ever, I love it. So here is my scarf in progress. It has been sitting in my car waiting to be loved again after I accidentally knitted the moss stitch border wrong. I know how can you get something so simple wrong when the pattern was more difficult to keep track of, I keep asking myself the same question. But today was the right time to unpick 8 rows and carry on, and I managed it so I'm good to go now (phew)


Hi Amanda,thanks so much for mentioning the pattern. The Cashmerino looks gorgeous and soft and the colour is lovely. I've knitted with this yarn before and it really is luxurious. Julia x
mamasmercantile said…
Wow, looks delightful, sheer luxury. Loved the pattern.
Bridget said…
I love patterns that look more complicated than they really are. They make us look really clever! Loving the scarf x
It is a lovely pattern, and I really like the colour of the yarn you are using too! xx
Jo said…
What a beautiful pattern. You're going to be so cosy in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, I keep buying a ball here and there trying to build up a stash, it's such a lovely yarn.
Hi Amanda,

Are your ears burning? I just spotted a picture of your knit in progress of the Birch Trees scarf in Simply Knitting Oct 2014 p61. I shared a pic of it on Facebook here

Best regards

Unknown said…
Is there a hat pattern to match?
Eight by Six said…
the pattern isnt mine but I guess you could adapt a hat pattern
Terri said…
How can I get this pattern for the scarf?
JohnStella5 said…
I would love the pattern as well please.
Eight by Six said…

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