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January projects

Well we are into the third week of January and I'm working on lots of projects (as usual) and will have some exiting collaborations to tell you about later this month. Its an exiting month ahead, be sure to look at my Instagram page for updates.

granny square love

First up is my granny square blanket using Debbie Bliss Rialto DK yarn, my absolute favourite yarn ever and I have a big stash of this hiding under my bed (like you do) So far I have about 40 squares joined with lots more to make. I plan to make 100 in total and maybe no two will be the same. Its a great project for stash busting too.

It has to be my favourite project because using join as you go method pieces all the puzzle together and you end with one large colourful blanket thats taken hours upon hours to complete and last years.

Granny Jumper by Cassie Ward

Then there's my take on the granny square jumper by Cassie Ward that was published in Insidecrochet magazine issue 96 and lots of mustard using Stylecraft Special DK yarn. I started this back in June 2019 but after looking at some photos on my phone I've dived back into it the box they were stored in last week and have almost completed 18 circles that need to be squared off. I'll be working with Cassie later this month for her fabulous book tour (watch this space!)

Then there's my first temperature blanket using Rico Design Essentials Merino Aran and its gorgeous to work with. Here's a photo of most of the colours I'm using. I started this blanket as a knitted version but today I've changed my mind and will re-start tonight using crochet linen stitch. I have a whole year to complete this one, one row every day, perfect. And at the end of the year I'll have a blanket ready for the border in January.

temperature blanket

And last but not least is my second sweetheart blanket by the lovely Sue at Sweetpea family crochet 
My first blanket was auctioned in my Macmillan alternative coffee morning in October. The latest one started out with a test square that I crochet for granny square day last year. Its very pretty with a row of glittery white yarn and its proving very popular on Instagram this month.

sweetheart blanket 2

Everyone needs some colour in January and my grid is very colourful and fun with projects I won't get bored


mamasmercantile said…
Such beautiful projects using a wonderful array of colour, stunning.

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