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Christmas crochet

Catching up with some granny squares this week for my work in progress blanket. I should be knitting a hat but I wanted a change and a treat, we all need a treat at this time of year don't we? We are all running around buying presents for loved ones and friends and forget ourselves. Self care it is then! I may have ordered more Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn too, oops well it is on sale.

home made raspberry gin liqueur

putting my Birchbox bag to good use

I also managed to bottle up my summer raspberry gin that has turned into the most delicious liqueur if I do say myself. Its going to be my drink on Christmas day with some Asti. You can find my cranberry gin recipe on my blog, just use what fruit you want. Last year I made cranberry and orange for gift bags, my friends loved it, why wouldn't they!

I bought some lovely silver and gold jar labels in Oad Street on Saturday and I'll use these for my chilli jam gifts I'm making this week. I alos bought some silver fabric for the jar tops. Love faffing about with the packaging as much as the making the product. Home made flavoured gin costs a fraction of the price of the fancy ready made ones and tastes so much better too. Why not start a batch this week, ready for New Years Eve. Now there's an idea, off to the supermarket after work ;-)


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cables without the cables (Birch Trees scarf)

Earlier this year I came across this lovely Birch Trees Scarf knitting pattern over at Hand Knitted Things. Its one of those patterns that you just have to try because its so pretty and very practical and looks far more intricate and complicated than the 4 row pattern suggests. I like to call it cables without the cables, such a clever pattern thank you Julia Marsh.

 I'm knitting mine on vintage no. 7 needles (kindly given to me by my mother-in-law) and using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino charcoal out of my yarn stash that was meant to be for Ian's scarf! shh don't tell him! I use DB yarn all the time, picking up bargains in John Lewis and eBay but its the first time I've knitted with Cashmerino, and it isn't going to be the last. It gives you great stitch definition and the softest yarn ever, I love it. So here is my scarf in progress. It has been sitting in my car waiting to be loved again after I accidentally knitted the moss stitch border wrong. I know how can you ge…

traffic jam (crochet simple granny triangle shawl)

I got stuck in the office on Monday night, not the best of situations but this estate I work on does get congested frequently and not helped by lorries breaking down blocking one lane of two. Anyway all was not lost because I'd had a new yarn delivery that morning and I needed an excuse to stop and crochet. And this is how this granny shawl got its name. Isn't it gorgeous? It's crochet in the new Sirdar Colourwheel DK yarn. On first inspection I wasn't that taken with it, but now I love it. No more colour changes, yipee.

If you'd like to know how to make this here is the Simple Granny Triangle pattern I'm using or this link. Happy crocheting!

a new granny square blanket

I was by my lovely insta buddy Fiona at (sewhappycreativ) to pattern test her lovely new pattern due to be released in March. I have so much fun with this and the yarn is Scheepjes Stonewashed. Its so soft, warm and cosy and I now plan to make myself a bigger one using the left over yearn. I'm thinking just random colours.

Here are just a few photos I've been sharing on my Instagram account over the last couple of weeks.