Thursday, 7 February 2019

Colour Block granny square blanket

It's a lovely sunny day which is better than all the rain we had in the night. This week I'm busy writing up my pattern for release this weekend, I finished the blanket on Tuesday night. I can't tell you how pleased I was to finish it. I was a little later due to being ill for two weeks in January and loosing my crochet mojo. But its back in full swing now!

People ask me a lot do I plan the colours, the borders? I don't really plan ahead I just let things happen. I do write down notes as I'm going along, it helps me so much when I do come to write up the pattern and tutorial. I enjoy the whole process. And I think about colour all day so sometimes ideas pop into my head whilst I'm out and about.

The border worked out exactly how I wanted it, the texture is great and the colours bring out the previous ones used in the colour sequence. The size is around 110cm I'll measure it for the pattern and add one of new wooden logos (so exited to recieve them).

I could have made it bigger, adding more colours in the Stylecraft Special DK range, but I think the balance is just right and the perfect blanket for anyone that has lots of Stylecraft DK yarn in their stash or wants to make one for Mother's Day.

It's perfect for beginners, its a satisfy blanket with the colours used and the blanket border looks great but is easy to complete.

I'll keep you updated and post the link for the pattern later this week in my Instagram account.


Jane said...

I've made 2 big(ish) granny square blankets. My first crochet project and I've almost finished a blanket for my sister-in-laws first grandchild. I also made one of little granny squares for her. I love the rainbow of colours and the lovely border. Best, Jane :)

chrissie said...

I love making these sort of blankets and they do grow so quickly. Yours looks beautiful

Have a great weekend

Love Chrissie xx

mamasmercantile said...

Looks beautiful, I love the colour combination.