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a little bit of catch up

It's been over a week since my last blog entry and I'm trying to find time to catch up. This week so far I have managed to swim 4 sessions (Sat-Tuesday) 202 lengths and now I'm having a couple of nights off to relax, knit, drink tea and eat chocolate biscuits.

I started a new blanket this evening, do you remember my sisters Christmas present? well I've started another one following this pattern but I'm knitting mine using some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran from my stash and I plan to use grey as the main colour, because I have more of this, dusky pink and lime green. I think I have a denim blue in the loft so I'll hunt that out over the weekend. I should have enough to make a bigger blanket as I've cast on 150 stitches and size 5.5 needles.

We took Ian out for lunch for Fathers Day, it was really good and the Dirty Habit pub in Hollingbourne was a great choice. The food was amazing and the pub was in a great location not a long drive from where we live.


weekend pottering in the garden

I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon pottering in the garden and veg patch. I worked really hard putting in rows of sweetcorn and dwarf beans. A bit annoyed that my Spaniel has run through it and damaged a few. That will teach me to remove the canes that seemed to be doing a good job, so back in they go!

Today I managed to spend some time sowing more seeds, dwarf beans (again) some more climbing beans (Sultana) for another wig wam, Swiss Chard Bright Lights because the first lot didn't germinate in the ground and some herbs. I popped to Homebase and bought a Mason solar powered jar with LED lights, I saw it on another blog last night.  I bought the £9 large jar, really pretty. Whilst I was there I saw they had reduced all their tomato plants, so I bought three at £1 each. I now have five or six varieties (Sun Gold, Money Maker, Roma, Alisa Craig and Shirly F1), three in the grow bag frames on the patio that are doing really well, and three in the veg patch next to some pepper or c…