Saturday, 22 March 2014

tomato & chili seeds (Thompson & Morgan blog)

I've written a little piece on sowing tomato & chilli seeds for Thompson & Morgan, you can find it here

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

granny blanket, sowing seeds a muddy spaniels
my new Horseshoe Lace scarf using Debbie Bliss Eco Aran
glorious granny blanket gets an airing
crab apple blossom on my walk on Monday

Moss and his mud bath on Monday
granny blanket love

Sunny Sunday Sowing Seeds (tomato and chilli)


Sunday, 9 March 2014

sunshine and sowing seeds

I'm making the most of the sunshine this morning and sewing my herb seeds, I was meant to do it last weekend. The upcycled table that Ian repaired last year comes in handy for potting seeds (but it is the dog grooming table!)

I bought the Stewart kitchen garden propagator kits from Wilkos last week, £5 each and they come complete with four olive green matching pots. Cute and pracical. I've put some pea shingle on the base, I normally use old newspapers but couldn't find any this morning. And Wilko have an offer on seeds, 3 for 2 great value and cheaper than the supermarket. If you live near The Range they offer 2 packs of De Ree seeds for 99p. I already had the seed compost un-opened from last year.


chives - decorative pink flowes and mild onion flavour leaves

basil sweet - mild aniseed flavour. Easy to grow it quickly produces succulent leaves on the windowsill

parsley Moss Curled - very versitile, easy to grow in pots on the windowsill. Once established transfer to veg patch where it will happily grow for a couple of years 

dill (Anethum graveolens) - sweet aniseed flavour is perfect for adding to sauces, salads or soups. An attractive hardy plant with feathery leaves. Grows best in a sunny spot < The Range 2 packs for 99p>

and I've taken my granny squares outside, warm sunny garden, hot cup of tea!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

colourful granny square day

I taught myself to crochet using a book and youTube about three years ago. For some reason I wasn't doing it exactly correctly, it looked like I was until I took out a scubscription for Simply Crochet about 7 months ago and started to read the tutorials properly! Anyway about a year or so ago I made 47 granny squares and put them in a box after joining them, and un-picking them and gnerally lost interest in the project. I don't know why but curiousity got the better of me last weekend and I opened the box to have a peak. Actually I do know why, just remembered. It was Katies Kitchen blog that reminded me. She had just finished a UFO from 2010 so I thought oh I could do the same with my granny square blanket, surely its not that long.

the granny squares at the back need to be re-worked

3 granny sqaures re-worked 43 to go!

Anyway looking back at me were 47 happy squares (as I like call them) all colourful and waiting to be loved again. So I started to re-work them and managed to complete 20 or so in no time. Then whilst joing them together I noticed the new crochet stitches were neater, flatter and more uniformed and I had the niggling bugging feeling wash over me. It was at that point I decided to un-pick all of them and start all over again!! I must be crazy you are all thinking. But any crafter will know that if its not perfect there is no point going forward to just regret it and look back at the finished blanket and wish I'd done it properly. This must be the third or fourth attempt to make my first granny square blanket but if it is worth doing it is worth doing it right, right?

And I received a very early mothers day gift from Jack, my Little Wren Pottery wool pot. Its the best present ever!!

So the sun may be shining but I've decided to have a colorful granny square kind of day. Tomorrow I may even venture outside to look at the veg patch!

Enjoy your weekend full of sunshine and colourful yarn. Amanda x