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waffle wash cloths

I was looking for a small fill in project at the weekend because sometimes you need a mobile project; the granny blanket isn't too mobile now its grown. I came across lots of wash cloth patterns and tried out the grandmothers favourite which is a dishcloth but thought it would be ok for a wash cloth. I didn't like the way it finished up. It knits up so quickly but I didn't like the eyelet row on the decrease side, looked a bit out of shape to me. So I tried another pattern I found over at Creating Laura and I've now made two with more planned for this week. I'm hunting around for more bargain cotton yarn and found some at Black Sheep Wool. Funny how a fill in project ends up taking over! They make nice gifts and I have some birthdays coming up so good timing too. I found a whole bag of 100% cotton yarn in the loft, I must have bought that a few years ago (oops!). Well at least the yarn stash is being used up which is a good thing, right?

down came the rain .. curled up with my granny blanket

 It's the same all over the UK, we just can't escape this crazy weather. The wind blew over the bins, bay tree balls and wheel barrow last night. Oh and I've lost the lid to my garden storage bin, no idea where that has flown off to. And now its coming down again and the wind hasn't dropped yet. I'm not complaining because in Kent we have been ok (so far) but I do feel for the people in Cornwall and along the Thames who's homes have been flooded and farmers with their live stock having to move them from flooded barns. I can't imagine the worry these people are going through.   So today after the housework is done (almost there now) I'm going to sit down with a cup of tea and crochet another row of my granny blanket. Its grown a bit this week, row 40 now but only about half way through. Making blankets in this weather is great because you get to use it before it is even finished! I love being huddled under my blanket but hate moving it to turn it aroun…

granny stripe blanket (update)

A perfect afternoon, in front of the tv, cup of tea and curled up under my granny blanket. Stipe 35 now of about 60 but possibly 90 if I want it big enough for my double bed. It is a huge craft project to take on, quite easy but takes a long time for me to do just one stripe let alone 90! But the more it grows the more I want to crochet, so that's a good thing isn't it?

I'm not exactly following a pattern, you find the blog I found my inspiration on here. I am now following the same colour sequence as the previous 30 rows so that it looks more uniform, well that's the plan. And the thing I love about making a blanket - you get to use it even before it is finished! Right I'm off to crochet another row. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

And here are some photos of my first blanket, that should have been a starting chain of 240 but it came out a lot smaller (I can now count and use markers!)

little felted hearts

I've sewn a few hearts together, you find the pattern here. They are now in the machine being felted, I love this bit.