Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Hello and sorry for not writing sooner. Been a bit busy as hubby has just had a disc operation in London and only came home on Sunday. I was driving up each day and everything else came second place. Things are settling down a bit now that he's home and he's doing well but still in some pain, which is to be expected.

Tonight Jack, our son, helped me make some summer veg soup made out of some veg from the garden patch. My most successful veg has been the courgette summer ball which I have just read is a summer pumpkin. We cut a small one for the soup with some baby green courgettes. It was lovely with fresh focaccia bread from Sainsburys! My camera battery is flat so I'll add some photos of this amazing veg tomorrow. Do try to grow it next year as it's well worth it.

I'm off this week and plan to finish my cropped poncho ready for our boating holiday in October, I'm just finishing the back then need to do the roll neck. I will then have finished my first hand-made jumper (and only 3 more to finish off!) I managed to crochet a scarf for my mums birthday in Debbie Bliss merino wool whilst sitting with Ian in hospital, he had his own room so it was quite relaxing! The picot edging really finished it off, even my mother-in-law said it was wonderful. Take care. Love Amanda x

Sunday, 15 August 2010

today is plum jam day!

I picked over 2kg of plums yesterday from the orchard at the end of my road. It was sad really because it's probably the last year I can do this. Wards builders are moving in soon to dig most of it up to make way for 98 houses. I'm not too pleased but we tried to fight it and got no where. So today I am making plum jam and hope to make about 10 jars. Here is the recipe from before Iwade plum jam recipe

Friday, 13 August 2010

it's raining it's pouring ...

Well it's raining cats & dogs in Kent today, mind you the garden needs it and it saves me having to stand out there all evening with the watering can! Almost finished scarf number one and I have ordered plenty more for my stash. Well you can never have enough wool can you? I think my hubby would disagree with that :) Plan to sit down and relax this evening and finish Jeans scarf after first week back to work. Still feeling the odd twinge in my chest but hopefully it's on its way now. Take care and have a great weekend. Amanda x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

It feels more like Autumn today than summer. I've just got over a nasty chest infection and felt quite chilly today. So I got home and started to plan my autumn birthday presents for my friend and my mum. I recently bought some lovely luxury merino wool in the sale and it's so lovely to crochet with. I started one scarf tonight, sadly the camera doesn't pick up the texture and colour very well, it's sage and is so soft with a sheen to it. Normally I start a long foundation chain for the actual length but discussing this today with Debbie at work she suggested I try doing it the other way and so I gave it a try. After getting my brain into gear it actually worked and is much neater than doing it the other way! I just made it up as I went along. It won't grow so quickly but I can take it to work and do a few rows in my lunch break. Maybe just maybe this year I will work out how to do a granny square! I've tried several times and failed. I need to find a crochet class to teach me. Enjoy the rest of your week and the rain for the garden. Amanda x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

surprise sunflower

This year I planted some sunflowers in a blue pot, dwarf ones called Irish Eyes. They grew ok but not so well due to the heat and the confined space. Last year I must have put some sunflower seeds into my compost bin in the autumn and this lovely beauty grew near my climbing beans, which are not doing very well again his year. Funny how you plan things and the unexpected is actually better.

I heard from my sister that Wilkinsons have their seed sale on now, must get some when I'm next in town. You can never have enough seeds!