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fields of gold

Here is a picture of our mad English Springer Spaniel (Moss) jumping through the fields of wheat near our house. He loves his evening walk and tonight I managed to capture (well almost) what we see most evenings.

I decided to pick up my knitting needles and remembered a pattern I had for fingerless gloves. It's a bit odd knitting gloves when it's so warm, but I really got into it and have one finished and started the other one today. I'll post a picture when they are finished. I've given up for now with knitting bigger projects as they just get put to one side!
I've been so busy recently helping to organise the farmers market, walking the dogs every evening and working that I've not had much spare time to send you an update or do any sewing!

So this weekend I am relaxing and enjoying the warm weather and pottering around the house and garden and eating outside now that I've cleaned the BBQ! The flowers have gone mad with all the watering and hot weather, I decided to cut a few to have in the kitchen. The colours are my favourite, lilac and white. The small alliums are not really suitable for cut flowers as the give off an onion smell, but they look so pretty with the lavender and scabosia (which have lovely feathery petals). They attract so many bees during the day and moths in the evening. So I'm doing my bit for helping bring back more bees to the UK! I planted another lavender last month and that has just flowered.

The veg garden is coming along now but needs so much water in this hot weather, we really could do with some …