Thursday, 29 December 2016

Happy New Year!

I'm still here knitting, crocheting and taking far too many photos! Wow almost at the end of 2016 where has this year gone?! Some good news, my dad is doing really well and looks like he is on the mend, I wouldn't say cancer free, that would be too optimistic, but his consultant is pleased with his progress this year. He has another big operation for 2017 then he should be ok.

Really I should be saying its been a tough year, what with Ian being made redundant and my dads cancer treatment but it hasn't been, we have got through this and come out the other end. We enjoyed our holiday in September, then Moss fell ill again (but he's now ok, phew) and things just need to get a little bit back on track and Ian needs to find a job again and I need to keep up my swimming to keep  me going.

This year I made 6 blankets, endless hats, a couple of snoods, bought far too much yarn but it keeps me sane and happy. Working with colour and yarn is so good for your health (but not your bank balance!) The next few days will be busy with clearing away the Christmas stuff and cooking for family on New Years Day then a days rest (probably walking in the woods with Moss) and back to work again, ten days holiday does go so quickly. But its been great being at home and staying over in London for a concert on the 23 December. Its been colder here in Kent, which has seen lots of activity on my blanket and one almost complete for my Etsy shop (I plan to list more blankets in 2017)

Here are some recent photos of my work, I hope to find time to write more on my Blog in 2017 and do more to the veg patch when the weather warms up to dig over and make some plans, sort out my seed tins.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Amanda

my latest granny square blanket

23 December charity concert

some of my Christmas gifts

Christmas day lunch

crochet pom pom on my latest Etsy shop blanket

a customers completed custom blackberry stitch hat