Friday, 10 June 2016

sunbathing, tea and crochet

Wow where has the time gone, where have the months gone? June already - really going quick this year! Does time travel faster when you are getting older? I haven't reached my milestone birthday, the big 50 just yet (that's next year!) But as I'm in my last year of my 40s I intend to enjoy it to the fullest, meeting up with friends old and new, trying new things, including new crafts perhaps. The possibilities are endless if you put your mind to it. I fancy knitting socks, sign of getting old, nah everyone is knitting socks these days. I did make an attempt one evening this week but to be honest it was 10:30pm when  I started and it was way too late to be attempting casting on 60 stitches and placing them on DPs at that time of night. I did managed to knit in the round but I gave up and have since found a new pattern.

sunshine holiday blanket

With projects piling up around me I am trying to be good and finish my WIPs first. Talking of WIPs here is one I'm working on this week, have to say I love Stylecraft Special DK for its price, colour range and it crochets so well. After this blanket I need to finish my duck egg blue then my new Cath Kidston inspired colour pallette in my all time favourite Debbie Bliss Rialto DK. I did finish my first Hitchhiker and cast on my second and I've worn it a few times, so soft and colourful.

crochet in my lunch break

In between crochet I have been doing a little pottering in my garden. Not had much in the way of my veggie patch but I did manage to plant a couple of courgette and cucumber plants last Sunday. Really do need to plant the beans but as my anti-Moss cage failed there really didn't seem much point when my crafty spaniel will just trample them or pull them up for me thinking he's being my under-gardener. Maybe I should just use canes like last year as it did the trick but didn't look that great. I think this weekend I will rig-up another make-do-and-mend kind of veggie cage to keep him out and my beans in!

Enjoy your garden, crochet, knitting, weekend and I will be back soon.


sunbathing and crochet

granny blanket drying in the sunshine

tea and crochet

hitchhiker shawl finished