Saturday, 25 February 2012

Eve quilt, in memory of my grandmother

Hello and sorry for the long pause between my last blog entry.

Sadly my grandmother Eve passed away almost two weeks ago and I had been visiting her in London after work a few nights a week. Since her funeral a week ago I've been a lot less stressed out and feel a lot calmer. Sounds odd but when you say goodbye to someone who's been in your life well all your life it's hard to come to terms with because you still want them around. But in the end she didn't want to be here anymore and we all had to respect her wishes. Funerals are sad occasions that nobody wants to have to do but my family came together to celebrate her life and to show our respects as a whole family. You see for many years our family (on my dads side) didn't see much of each other, these things happen, some silly argument 20 odd years ago and everyone is too stubborn to say hey lets just stop this and stop wasting any more years. All through my teens and into adult life after I moved to Kent I've kept in contact but its been very hard trying to be a go between, upsetting is an understatement. So after such a sad event I no longer have to worry and now we are all together again and a lot of time to make up for.

Now that I've got my crafting mojo back I wasted no time in starting a huge project last night - a quilt. My first quilt and probably my last! I've been inspired by Hen House who's quilts are just so perfect, way to go before I attempt any of them. Mine is a simple one and so far so good it's taking shape and I love looking at the colour combinations and fabrics (vintage Laura Ashley + others) inbetween the normal Saturday stuff (washing, cleaning, cooking, dog walking). I thought I'd share a few photos with you.

I'm going to call this my Eve quilt, in memory of my grandmother. Bright and outspoken as she was but still able to make you smile! Amanda x

Monday, 6 February 2012

Plant a tree for the Jubilee

Why not join Her Majesty and plant your own tree for the Diamond Jubilee? As part of the celebrations Woodland Trust are creating their our own flagship Diamond Wood and are offering you the chance to plant a tree in the exclusive Woodland Trust Supporters' grove, what a great idea. The new wood is set in the heart of The National Forest; planting here gives you a unique chance to play your part in creating a lasting legacy. It is also a beautiful gift to dedicate to someone close. As part of your donation, you will receive a limited edition, numbered certificate with your own words of dedication in an exclusive souvenir gift pack. Just pop along to their web site to find out more information

Saturday, 4 February 2012

quick knitted hat

It's so cold outside today... to keep you warm why not knit this hat called Madge in a few hours (you only have to knit 30 rows!) I made one last year using Rowan Ribbon Twist and you can still get this at cucumberpatch for £1.95 a ball or you can use the suggested Rowan Big Wool. I'm going to knit another one this evening in some left over yarn by experimenting a bit. Amanda x