Sunday, 17 July 2011

I've been busy and sadly I haven't had any spare time to update my Blog.

The weather has been a little bit mixed to say the least, so for the last five weeks I've been knitting like mad when I can find a spare 1/2 hour or so to knit something for myself. Almost there now and just need to finish one sleeve, sew it all together and block it; well that the bit takes time and effort to make it all worth while. I'm not sure if I've put the button hole too high so I may have to un-pick one side and do it again before I sew it up. I've used Sirdar Crofter chunky (an eBay bargain). In the meantime I hate not having a project on the go so I started off a jumper too, there's no stopping me once I get started! I had a request from my sister for a tank-top for Christmas but thought I'd make myself one from the same pattern but with cap sleeves, well you have to make sure it looks right don't you?!

In between knitting I've managed to do a tiny bit of gardening when there has been a slot in the weather. I did try this morning but came in when the heavens opened. A now whilst I sit in the kitchen typing its sunny again. Oh well will have to try again later.

Yesterday morning I helped judge our local prettiest front garden competition, the first year we have done this. It was really good fun and I'm sure the three winners will be pleased with their gardening vouchers. I was amazed at the effort some people have put in to create a striking display for passers by, after all we don't get to see our front gardens but instead put a lot of time into creating a display for other people to admire. I've decided that my small space needs an overhall this autumn and have found some ideas taken from magazines to create year round interest with little effort. With a week booked off in Sept and then Oct I'll have fun visiting garden centres in search of more inspiration.

Here are a pictures of the winning gardens, I'm sure we will make this an annual event.

judges looking at gardens

1st place

1st place

1st place

3rd place
2nd place