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Showing posts from December, 2009
I had planned to do a spot of gardening today but two things stopped me, the rain and a heavy cold! Oh well just have to wait another few days. Snow is now on the way again but I hope the weather men have got it wrong. So I'll just have to stay inside and carry on knitting and looking at my seed packets and wait for my Chelsea Flower Show tickets to arrive! Happy New Year. Amanda x

It's snowing!

I just got home from my friend Jean's in time as the snow started to fall this evening. And I hate driving in it. It's lovely to watch when you are snug inside in the warmth but a nightmare to drive in. So I settled down in my PJs and started to make some felted hearts from felt squares I bought today. So much easier than the knitted ones. I plan to make some as presents, lets hope I have time before Christmas! Enjoy the rest of your week. Amanda x
The Christmas Fete gets nearer and I'm chilli jammed out! I've made 8 large jars to take along on Sat and one jar for tasting! Along with my home grown home made chutney. Advertising is almost finished, with the boards ready to go up tomorrow night with the help of Ian. Then I just have to make my lemon & white chocolate biscuits on Friday night so they are fresh and pack the car. Buy Sunday I think I will be exhausted and spend the day in my PJs! Enjoy the rest of your week. Amanda x

Winter harvest

I was only popping into the garden to go to the composter. But I had a quick look at the veg patch and decided to pull some leeks for dinner. Then I checked the carrots and they looked ready so decided to pull some for dinner. After all the rain the ground was easy to work with and the celeriac came up too! Well only two small ones, I left the other 13 for another time!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Amanda x