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Cath Kidston vintage inspired granny square blanket free crochet pattern

Vintage inspired Granny Square Blanket
Amanda Hurrell Eight-by-Six©


Sizes and Materials List

Hook Size UK 4mm
Yarn: I’ve used Debbie Bliss Rialto DK (merino) throughout Blend: 100% Extra Fine Merino, Meterage: 100m

You could substitute for Stylecraft Special DK (which is 322 yds/295 metres per 100gball and retails at £1.85 per ball for 100g)
Stylecraft Special DK wash care instructions: machine washable 30deg, can be dry cleaned (I line dry mine)


Vintage Pink

Tips & Notes

One great tip I learnt a while into my crochet journey is to flip your work on each row. This is a great way to keep your granny square, well square and not wonky. It works like magic and since using this method I’ve never looked back. To do this you flip over your square so that the previous row and join are now in the bottom left hand corner of the square (wrong side facing you) and you start the next row in the top right of the square.
On the first and subsequent rounds I chain 2 in the corners between the tr clusters. To keep the stitches closer together, I don’t chain in-between the treble clusters along each side, some people like to ch-1, I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
tr = treble
htr = half treble

Gauge: crochet to your own comfortable gauge, it’s a fun, relaxing way to make a fabulous blanket so you need to enjoy it. Grab yourself a coffee and off you go.
Skill Level: beginner, easy (you can modify the border to give it your own touch) You can get inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest or a good book (Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman is worth looking at).

Pattern Instructions
This pattern is written in U.K. terms and we will be using the basic granny square pattern for this blanket. It’s an easy pattern for beginners and loved by experienced crafters too. Making granny squares is very satisfying and when making just one large granny square you can make this simple yet effective blanket. There are many variations of the granny square, this is my method.

Let’s start

Make the foundation round/circle Slip knot your yarn and insert onto your 4mm hook. Using Sea Ch 4 stitches, insert hook into first chain and slip stitch to first chain to make a circle.
Round one Ch 3 (this will count as your first tr) 2tr, ch-2, *3tr, ch-2* repeat 3 times. Slip stich (ss) to join round You’ve completed your first round.
Round two Flip square. Change colour to Apple, Ch 3 in one of the ch-2 spaces from the previous round (this will count as your first tr) 2tr, ch-2, 3tr (no chain) *(3tr, ch 2, 3tr) in next ch-2 space *repeat 3 times. You should now have 4 corners. You’ve completed your second round.
Round three Flip square. using Vintage Pink join in right-hand corner ch-2 space (reverse of Round 2) ch 3 (this will count as first tr) 2tr, ch-2, 3tr, 3tr (in next 2-ch space=side), 3tr ch-2 3tr in next chain space, 3tr, repeat 3 times then slip stitch to third chain where you started. You have completed round 3.
Continue to add each row using the above method in Round three. I have used one colour for each of the rows alternating as shown in my chart. Continue to follow my colour chart until you reach your desired size or why not try your own version. Two stripes in the same colour also works very well.
I’ve let the colours do all the work and finished with a very simple border. I like the way it looks very vintage. Using any modern crochet technique would have taken away the simplicity of this design and vintage feel. If you’d like to add the same border here are the instructions:  1 row granny clusters (3tr into the right hand corner on the reverse of the last row, ch2, 3tr *repeat one round
round 2 scallop edge, attach yarn to wrong side (remembering you’ve flipped your work from previous round) I attached mine about halfway round on the right side with 2 sl st then 2dc, ch1, 2dc into same space, *2 sl st 2dc, ch1, 2dc into same space *repeat ll the way around. When you come to the corner spaces just do the same.

Weave in ends (although I do this as I go along, you can also crochet over the previous row leaving just one end to cut and one end to sew in). Wash if required using manufacturer’s instructions, line dry and enjoy your new blanket.
Colour sequence
I’ve used random colours in the Debbie Bliss Rialto DK range that you associate with the designer (Cath Kidston) the colours that surround the centre are colours found in most Cath Kidston designs.

This fabulous vintage inspired blanket was born from my love all things Cath Kidston. The brand is celebrating 25 years this year (2018) so a great way to celebrate and experiment with similar colours. You could try Stylecraft Special DK, Paint Box yarns, the possibilities are endless.
Pattern and photos by Amanda Hurrell, Eight-by-Six©
You are welcome to use my photos and make blankets to sell from my pattern, but please credit me back.


mamasmercantile said...

It looks amazing, love the colours. I am a fan of the Cath Kidston range myself.

chrissie said...

Looks fantastic. My sort of crocheting and I always find it relaxing to make a blanket

Love Chrissie xx